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Uhg, 2020, so that happened...

I have to admit I had a really hard time maintaining any kind of creative momentum in 2020. Even going to my studio was a struggle, and at times felt like a journey to risky to be worth the effort.

"Decompression, 18x24"

The building my studio is in was open during lock down and I did manage to make some work, and I was surprised how isolation changed my perspective as an artist.

Color and gesture really helped to elevate my mood as well as a connection to the earth. I also noticed (as I think many have felt the same) that my sense of time seemed wildly distorted, and so I tended to slow down and let things take longer. I wasn't as driven to create new work, but I found I enjoyed the time I spent making it more rewarding.

Puck, 24.5x22"

From May of 2020 to January 21st 2021 I found my self so preoccupied with politics that it was really hard for me to focus on anything else, so when I could get it together to paint I welcomed the opportunity to clear my mind and just follow my intuition, and not think too much.

Keep Holding on, 24x24"

2020 was a rough year for so many people, I'm grateful that I was able to have the ability and space to make art. I'm glad we've turned the corner into 2021 and I hope that the challenges it brings take less of a human toll and help create a more sustainable future!

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