Artist Statement:

A celebration of love and life

I call my current body of work: “Days of Hope”, because I am focusing on the time period from the end of World War II, until the end of the 1970’s. This was a period of un paralleled expansion of human rights in the United States for people of color and for LGBTQ people in particular. This expansion ended abruptly in 1980 with the election of  Ronald Reagan, the AIDS epidemic, the rise of the religious right and the general backlash against the idea of Secular Humanism. 


My fascination with this era was stoked by the 2016 Presidential election. I feel that whatever momentum the movement towards a more equitable nation had gained in the last thirty years had once again hit a wall. A wall about borders, about people being deemed undesirable, about trying to erase the great hope that we could achieve true equality.


As a gay man I look to the history of the LGBT community, and to the leadership of people who took it upon themselves to defy the narrow confines of their times, to confront bigotry and hatred with little more than hope and a dream. Their hopes and dreams are what keeps me going today, seeing the walls they were able to push down gives me hope for the future.